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What do you want to be for xat ?!


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What do you want to be for xat ??
Is very simple, you have to say what you want to be for xat.com and forum like volunteer or contributor, translator, or publisher. ´´Editors´ Moderator.
Or whatever you want to be here, or think you're good here on xat and fórum.

About me:
I'm still not good here, I'm not part of this team,
But I want to be a contributor or a volunteer. xD (swt) And the moderator is fine.

Who is already part of this team, the question is, would you want to change something to yourself, to be something else?
Congratulations to all who are already in that team! ´´Staff´´

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:$  Just to be a Admin. (goo)

@Crow I do not know, I think it's good what you want. xD

And all the others, good choice - Wow :$  We already see who really is a good team for xat and fórum. Hihi

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Let MAXO tell you something those who are already a team of staff are working in xat since a very longtime for you if you want to be a contributor / volunteer / mod ... any rank any level this not impossible it needs a time and work. i want to be mod and a contributor

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