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This has been added with the (pizzas) power.


More info: https://xat.wiki/pizzas

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Is something similar (bitefx)
But I like the idea to be the name of pizza
I thought that was already the idea here. 8-)(wary)
I support this idea..

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The idea is very nice, I think you have very clear what you want to be done.

Pizzahappy: It would be good if he agreed with other powers and fell smilies.
It would not be bad if the hats were off: A slice of pizza or a peperoni.


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3 hours ago, Elie said:

If created, they should add a disgusted face (barely) eating a slice of pineapple pizza. Then puking.

oh hell, thought i am the only one hating pinapple pizza xd :$


@ANGY @Blacky I've added the possible hats to the first post. 



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