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word: "twerp"


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I want to see everyone's opinion before I actual do it, not sure if it is in the right section.




I am not using the term to anyone I registered (today) it because it was not taken.




google definition: a silly or annoying person.  (I also own the chat twerps)




question is: is twerp a swear word certain countries there are certain swear words and I don't want to offend anyone


I want to promote it but not sure whether it is allowed or not so I need everyone's opinions

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Your chat is fine to be promoted, but the chat description should be changed as it may be offensive to some users.


I spoke to the admins about this as well and they are okay with the chat being promoted.


What Muffins said is correct, it doesn't carry any weight at all as a bad word. 

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It's okay in my books; I don't think your chat room would be delisted by xat.

I don't think it carries a strong connotation (not vulgar slang)


I can ask xat staff about this, if you're concerned.

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