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Power: Outfit2

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Hello the idea today is to have a second power outfit the variety of powers we have to combine them and oufith is one of the most used, maybe a second version with new add-ons would not be wrong:




Other add-ons that could be added:


If anyone has more suggestions can add!

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There was a thread about we should suggest another hats. I dont think there is need of an outfit2, I have no ideas to add to your suggestion. I actually like the hats and hope new hats would be added. I love the cat ears ofc and the roses.


I am not sure (but I could test when I am home) but I think the spring power have a smiley that you can add it on a smiley.

Spring and Summer (is almost here) maybe we can add some free hats at our pawns (like the flowers suggested by Angy)


Edit: I was talking about (flohat) and (springhat). I think you can add them on a smiley and use them for a combo. Not exactly what you suggested, but still a flower there. :">

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