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advertising... facebook, twitter, google, bing, etc.

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in the thread listed below its about how Xat is dying and other topics on how to improve it and bring database had a good point about promoting Xat on twitter, facebook, google, bing etc. this topic will be specifically and only on the part about  adverting Xat more to bring more users in and to use some of the money xat makes on advertising and marketing. it will help bring back users and of course I want to give credit to the original thread that brought it up. why doest xat advertise more on social media and google (the leading and biggest search engine). what do you think about this. the topic below is not the same as this topic as I am focusing on one point the user said and focus on that to help bring more new users on xat. I know adveriting is expensive to such as tv and radio and not sure if that is another option. but social media would be an easier pick and cheaper than tv. radio is not as expensive as tv but I think for now stick with facebook and google as the main options to bring xat back. I do not know how much Xat actually make but I am sure they have enough based on how how many powers are bought daily and how many users buys packages. I do take in consideration less people on xat and how that affect  budget and people buying from reseller but I think adverting on social media is a good option for Xat.  is Xat trying to save money by not advertising because that is a missed opportunity. I want to see more advertising on Xat when I visit social media, Google, Bing, or any other site.  Maybe make a deal with apps or other companies in the future to have help put Xat on the map and get it more known. that would be a good idea and make some sort of agreements. I do not want to see Xat die, so more advertising, business deals with other companies to promote and advertise xat or with apps. but easiest way would be social media and search engines.  TV and Radio can be another option but more people use the internet. Of course TV and radio is more expensive. even if xat used 10% of its profit toward advertising it would make a huge different even 1% even though I think 10% should be the least if Xat can afford it and they have enough


I want to give credit to the original thread

should Xat advertise more on other platforms? (what do you think about my post?)


where would you see Xat advertised more on? (social media, search engine, tv, radio, magazine, etc)


Do you Prefer Google ADS or Facebook ADS?  (or other)

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