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Suggest powers : "light bulb"


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i Think this  power It will be exciting ، About this ida will be that power is Smiles powers , and group power .

and You can also used this power With power - num - tickle - stick , like power " Noel" ، it power will be Component for 6 color Of the light bulb , so can all Users used power  with cod num To light up Name .  for example : (tickle#light1#light2#num#num#r) 

1- light1 dRUHKP.gif


2- light2 p4Hhyr.gif


3- light3 5pItvd.gif

4 - light4 DVjL3t.gif

5 - light5 3MQGv6.gif

6 - light6 OYobeu.gif


and that will be in powers group Like love .




Thanks any awy .

@Admin What do you think About this ?






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On ٧‏/٤‏/٢٠١٧ at 5:47 PM, Lunala said:

Do I look like the Christmas tree for you ? :p


This would actually be interesting for Christmas, but I guess there is a bulb power :-?...I rather change the tickle colour :-? like a cycle or something...

@Lunala Yeah , idea is About  light bulb  .

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I've removed a couple of posts. Please remind yourselves of the Guideline below. This includes "Thanks" posts too. 


Suggestions Section Guidelines

2. Make sure that when you post a reply it is thoughtful. If you have nothing beyond "good idea" to add, then just give a reputation point by liking the post.

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