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Ads slowing computer



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When opening a group, usually there is an ads banner advertising new smileys i have no interest in. These ads are sometimes fun to look at and at one point, actually did interest me.


But the biggest problem is that they refresh. Now this is usually done with a type of software your computer has. Problem is its the same software used to run the chat. Close the software to prevent the ad, and the chat crashes with the ad. Even if there was a way to stop that ad from loading, it refreshes, and this is the biggest issue. Everytime that ad banner refreshes, it stops my computer dead. Well, only the browser I am using. So in the middle of typing, the thing would freeze and only display about half of what I typed.


I know the ads are the issue cause everytime it refreshes the computer goes into glitch mode. It took a few hours but eventually I realized it was flash, which was triggered by the ads constantly loading every 45 seconds and froze my computer on a 20 second interval. This is getting annoying. When I am lucky, the ads banner will totally crash and not load at all, preventing it from refreshing and allowing smooth, uninterupted chat sessions.


Is there a way to display the chat without the ads?

Is there a way to force the ads to not load, or constantly display the same ad without refreshing?

Is there a way to glitch out the banner?

Is there a way to crash the smiely banner without crashing the chat?

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Because you might still want some advertisements on other websites to show which will be removed if you download Adblock & since you have asked for more workarounds I'd like to state some of them hope they help you.



• Make your chat room as big as your computer's monitor. How are you supposed to do this?


- Click embed at the bottom left corner below any chat room; copy the embed code from there double click on it then ctrl + c to copy after you take the code off paste it onto bigchat and click submit where you can get a link slightly long contains the id of the chat and is called the SWF link for example:


the link will look like http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/chat/chat.swf?id=1913106 this is the SWF link to xat.com/help by the way. (Don't forget to allow flash on all websites) through your browser settings for this step to work.




• You can embed your chat on a website that has no ads using the embed code and if the website supports flash. (you can adjust the size of the chat before attempting to embed)



• Another alternative way is use inspect element tool to control and determine which content you want to take off of your chat room. While you're using your chat room right click on the outer background then click Inspect then you would realize that when you hover your mouse over the codes shown there each code you put the mouse on will highlight the content that is relevant to on your chat room determine which code is relevant to the banner(ads) and  click on that code then use the back button on your keyboard to erase and take the code and the banner off you can then close Inspect tool. Please note that if you refreshed, everything will back to normal.


Here's an example where a pool of flash banners are being removed ( Before & After ) 

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