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Favorite Xat Vol?


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I hope that this topic does not go out of its frame, which he referred to @xLaming : choosing the favorite volunteer, not something else, make sure each and everyone of them's helping on his/her way, there is no doubt about this, and personally i respect them all @Crow@LaFleur@Sydno@Stif@Solange@Andre@Cupim.



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My congratulations and respect to each of the volunteers! Because they got to where they are now is because they have worked for that. So congratulations to all the volunteers and thank you, Now for me @LaFleurand @Stif are the volunteers that I can say are my favorites.

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I'm very grateful for all the hard work of all the volunteers, I am sure they all do their best for all of us. I have a lot of appreciation and consideration for two volunteers @Sydno and @Stif (applause)

I wish you all a lot of success! <3

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I've personally never had a favorite volunteer, nobody's perfect. Being a volunteer means you must be focused on helping xat users whenever they need you, being as transparent as possible, and fighting for fairness to be done. And of course, trying to avoid that the volunteer position goes to your head and forget why you were added in the first place. I must admit I've never liked those volunteers.


For me, being a volunteer is nothing special, it just gives us extra tools to help users and that's what we need to stay focused on.


I can say the current volunteers team tries to do the best to help xat users, we all are focused on that. And I can also say it's one of the very few times the whole team members are all active, which is great!


And thank you to those who mention me as their favorite volunteer. I really appreciate that!

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To be honest, I don't know how to determine which volunteer helped me the most, because I don't know who took care of my tickets. I did not write messages directly in the forum. I did this a few times, many years ago, when I only knew there was @Crow and @Sydno, it would be incorrect to say that only they are my favorites, because maybe others helped me, without knowing their names.

From my point of view, and without being in that position, there is a lot of work in the role of volunteer, and an enormous amount of dissatisfaction that you have to face daily. It is natural for people to have different points of view.


For this, I can only thank all the volunteers for their fairness and for their efforts to ensure a pleasant experience for those who turn to them for help, in any kind of problem.

From the position of a simple chat user, for me, to have support when I feel helpless, this means a lot.

Maybe I bothered them, maybe I was insistent, maybe I abused their  time, for all this I apologize and thank them for being patient.


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