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Favorite Xat Vol?


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21 minutes ago, Mike said:

My favorite volunteers would be all the volunteers that are not biased. That enjoy helping the users on xat day to do resolve their problems quickly, efficiently, and professionally. The ones that treat the xat users from the "non official" type chat and ranking system bias and popularity fairly and equally. The ones that respect other individuals and don't back stab others in secret just to get ahead in the grand scheme of things.


/They/ are the volunteers that I can say are my favorite.

^^That would be in a perfect world.

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@Brandon @Mike @muffins @Nick @Vale


I believe these volunteers are my favorites for helping many users.

Brandon's an incredible volunteer as a huge heart helping several people. Brandon has my respect and admiration.


Mike's an authentic and sincere person. I like these kinds of people. This makes me believe that there are people who like to express their opinions. Besides treating everyone alike.


Muffins's a humble person who helped me several times in Ticket issue.

He's patient, a person who has an interest in helping people.


Nick's a person I admire for being correct as far as I know.


Vale to always treat things with responsibility and seriousness.



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21 minutes ago, Flake said:


i knew it lol, ur also my favorite volun-----


oh wait lol


*cough* 022FxR5.png *cough* lol


na seriously tho my fav vols are @Chelly and @muffins

You are fake but I love you, have you never heard of it?
It means I'm the first to say :$ 

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