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Favorite Xat Vol?

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10 hours ago, Maverick said:

I would pick Brandon since he’s a savage.



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My all time favourite volunteer was Brian.


but current volunteer is SJBB and Mike. 

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I barely like any of them............


iF I had to pick one all time fave...hmm.


Spell was very good at his job..but that also meant he would sell out his Grandmother.  He was very good at telling people what they wanted to hear 

but doing something else, and saying he didn't.  He also ran away at data breach.


Jess had his moments of being a great volunteer.  He also liked to bully people and throw authority.  We all had our moments I guess.


Alex was a great volunteer but had  power trips....to say least.  He was bomb at answering those tickets though. 


Charlie was great at making money and getting others to do his work.


Muffins does fine job working with what he has.  In my opinion...he holds alot together and tries his best.


Brandon could be king of volunteers....if he just cared more, pretended to listen to the users,  organized less, and concentrated on things that should matter.


Mike listens to the users, helps as much as he can, and fights for justice.  


Frankie..for being the 1st.


If I didn't mention them...they prob. just filled in the gaps.


In short...I think no one is the perfect volunteer and all are human, and all have flaws as well as strengths.  


Kudos on making my list...or not.





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my favorite volunteer was Spell. he was a great and the best volunteer . miss him :'(

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