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If you are one of the users that do CSS and HTML codes for chat groups, xat profiles or just for websites you need to read this thread.

I saw that some users can't load xat chats and others Flash files(SWF) on their websites and I want to make it clean.


What is happening?

Well, if you use a width less than 400px or height less than 300px your Flash file(SWF) will not load automatically you will need to press a "play button". If you're trying to use sizes bellow than 5x5 it will not work, automatically will be blocked. Firstly just Google Chrome added it but now almost of the browsers are using this same way.


So, peoples can't use "invisible chats" anymore. If you're using the BBcodes will work fine because they are HTML5. If you will try to use invisible chat you will be not allowed.

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as a web designer and web developer i think using html fully including embed was useful to be creative when you made your own thing but i also experiment with css which hopefully will not be limited or changed. i understand embed can be and maybe was abused but the more you block tags the less creative we can be. i know right now its only embed but not sure if xat is going to go fully bbcode for everything including images or not or if they just going to use bbcode for embed and iframes. i like bbcode but i will have to convert all my project that includes the new limitations into bbcode which is fine but i just hope xat doesnt start limiting crucial tags and code and they stick with the bbcode they have now and at least allow some html. bbcode is fine but should not be used for everything because then we can be as creative and we are limited on what we can and cannot do. like i said before i like bbcode but  it should only be used for certain things and embed and iframes are fine and should stay there. just my opinion. i do alot of html and css experimenting and i do report abusive and bypassable code and tags to xat but i like having full access to html and css and i think it should remain like that and not limited.

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