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April Fools Ideas


Message added by LaFleur

This has been added with the (foolsday) power.


More info: https://xat.wiki/foolsday

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Zuke's scary clowns idea :$. Because everybody loves clowns!



49 minutes ago, LaFleur said:

(dingdongditch) = "To ring a random person's doorbell and run. Hence "ding dong" ditch."


This idea could work great as a hug (with sound)! Annoy your friends.

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I suggest a smiley like:



It should have a special thing e.g: you can use (smileyname#wd1#wm4)


#wd1: Should be the day using one or two numbers only. e.g: 1 - 31

#wm4: Should be the month using 1 - 12 only e.g: 1 => January, 2 => February, 3 => March, 4 => April etc.



I want to suggest a hug too... not a simple "hug" with animation... something custom that we can add #SOUNDNAME on the end of the message and will load a xat sound(it's good for bother someone)


E.g: /hug POWER433 Message#color (optional)#Sound (optional)



I also suggest a pawn that should be something like a "joker hat" (just for complete all my ideas xD):



E.g: (hat#hJ)

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1 hour ago, Admin said:

smiley with "kick me" sign


"I'm with this idiot" hmm too much text?


(dont attach any weight to this because its from xat staff!)

Or a smiley holding up a sign saying "Not again" shaking his head whilst another smiley is talking to him?



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It could be cool to have a cultural April fools power, I remember learning about "Poisson d'Avril" (April Fish) in French class.


From some quick research, I found the following information:

  • France - Poisson d'Avril - Colorful paper fish, sticking them to adult's and yelling "Poisson d'Avril!";
  • Portugal - throwing flour
  • India - Holi festival

I'm sure people could add their countries traditions (if any) here.


Here's some articles that may aid smiley makers, if they decide to take this idea forward:





A quick "april fools around the world" will also lead you to some interesting results.


I'm not sure how global "April Fools" is, and it may be a stretch.

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1. I thought of a gift box sealed with a bow.
When opening, jumps several peel of eggs inside ... in the middle the inscription 1º


Joke from my childhood time.:$


2. Power > (prank) A very debauch face using the little hand of power (ttm)

But on both sides; 

With the power text box (Ucute) with the phrase "glu glu ie ieeee"


3. I also thought of a smlie using the power face (a) with a candy in his hand, offering humbly. Soon after he turns sideways with power (evil) face or other similar. Because there was pepper in the candy, hehe. I already did at school. :$:p

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Why not a simple jackinbox or jack power?7yK0tdw.gif

Essentially, the power could incorporate all the smileys suggested on this thread.


(jackinbox) - Jester smiley that comes out of the box. 

(jackclown) - Clown smiley that jumps out of the box.

(jackkick) - A smiley with a sign that reads "kick me" that jumps out

(jackfish) - Fish smiley that jumps out of the box

(jackmask) - A smiley with a mask on that jumps out


A cool addition to this could be that you could change the speed in which the smiley comes out. For example, (jackinbox#t5) would mean the smiley would pop out after 5 seconds. 

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how about a new kiss that can come with this power, perhaps a pie in the face.


one pawn chucks the pie and it hits the other pawn in the face and then the text appears!!

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On 3/21/2017 at 4:37 PM, Admin said:

"I'm with this idiot"

What about make it point up/down? It would be funnier for the user list or messages.


I also really like the jack-in-the-box idea. A really cool feature would be it springing out when the smiley is hovered.

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