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We've had this idea as a gameban before, but because the title is so vague, it's difficult to find. 



Personally, I hope this game gets added soon. It looks addicting and useful for passing the time when friends are slow to reply. 


[Edit: title has now been changed.]

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We're working on a color-selection scheme (I am not really a fan of grey)


More info will be added soon e.g. how to color your bubble game

For now the game works on both chats and xatspaces 


Default size is 645x645 (less or more may break its design)


Updated: Colors scheme added. See below:


Grey code: 1

BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:1] 


Blue code: 2

BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:2] 


Sea code: 3

BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:3] 


Orange code: 4

BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:4] 


Pink code: 5

BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:5] 


Green code: 6

BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:6] 


Yellow code: 7

BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:7] 


White code: 8

BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:8] 


Red code: 9

BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:9] 


Purple code: 10

BBCode: [box:bs:645:645:10] 

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