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Not helping in illegal acts.

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It is amazing that official xat helpers are helping to distribute with piracy by doing an illegal act. I have reported many times about these illegal acts they do in the xat, but it seems that they do not understand or do not give importance. It is necessary that an officer of fbi intervene to be heeded ?. If we do not stop, to piracy, this is going to continue. Many times I have reported to the main owner, but I have received expulsions and bad forms of their language. They have already blocked the domains of most of the chat, but they manage to continue distributing with this illegal act, to top it all are the same people that is in the power of the owners of the chat. I do not ask that it be necessary to block, but to expel those people who do not deserve this illegal help for the users, until the same main owner agrees with the help of piracy. His message was. "There are people who can not afford it and need to have it for free".

I put it as a suggestion in this forum so that we as a community do so that piracy is not distributed in xat and it is cleaner for these irresponsible people that it is a crime what they have been doing.

The administrator of the xat, should read me and give me private or in the ticket, because there is a volunteer that erases or hides my reports. My reports are blacklisted or ignored. I have already notified in several occasions these illegal facts but only receive answers that are not the case on the part of volunteers who do not elaborate the subject. I understand that the volunteers do not write the English correctly, but should put a person who knows the subject and be understandable you have to repeat it 3 times and receive answers every 14 days. I understand that there may be many tickets, but it is an important issue that I should carry out.

In most cases, free xats days and powers does not exist on any website, as in most downloads of programs and articles that are not of this service.



User 0: Does anyone know how to have xats and days for free?
Helper staff: Yes, there are tutorials in these forums .... or look in .... there are also chat rooms where they give xats and powers in ....


User 1: I want to create a design and I don't know what program to use.
Helper main: Use adobe and register on .... and then use the serial crack on ...


User 2: Does anyone know where I can download or have the program serial.
Moderator: You have to go to this web .... or register in the forum to have the programs for free.


User 3:I need the crack and I can not find it.
Another staff aide: If you want you can download the crack program by email.


These examples I have mentioned, is to give an idea to what I mean for those who do not understand. I have not decided to give their names to the public, but There is a volunteer who is owner who is giving a bad example, I have received bad responses in the form of aggressions.
I do not want to make an accusation that it is that "volunteer" who is hiding my reports or is doing the one that does not understand me.

These types of illegal aid are already becoming habits in the xat. For 7 months, the only thing that has been done in these months is to block the domains.

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i don't understand what's your problem do you open ticket with an issue and you don't get reply ? iff you are in black list so you broke terms off xats and posting a topic here will not help you to be out black list ! , explain what's you mean with illegal act ?

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You're welcome to point me to the ticket by private message and I can see what's going on with it.

I would suspect it's just a delay wherever your ticket is currently filed.


We don't ignore reports!

If you're still receiving replies on your ticket, it's likely not "blacklisted"

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Lol sure that you want to report vols for others vols(ticket)?


It's nosense you say things about piracy, then about scam, about downloads etc.


Firstly the user needs to know that is his responsability to stay safe on xat.

Second if you want to report these type of things use email info@xat.com sure that the admins will read you.


About the ticket delayed eh... We know that for a simple report we need to wait a lot of time and I don't think this will be changed.

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Whatever you are saying its pointless , nobody can control what people can say or do on online chats .
Same as in facebook , there are so many crap and useless stuff that people do ilegaly , go get FBI to take down facebook coz of that.
You should read the terms of service of xat too. 

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