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6 hours ago, Agony said:

These are rather nice, a simplistic touch. Maybe try something else as well besides the blur though. Keep up the good work! 

You keep telling me this but don't give me alternatives to this either. I use the blur because to me it gives me that authentic smooth look, and just feels right in my eyes. Please give me alternatives and not just "don't use this."

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Hey nice penguin avatar

I do like this template much more than the previous one you used actually. I'm not sure if it was intended that way but I think you might want to move the smiley shadows down a couple pixels (check img below) so they do look like actual shadows underneath the smileys instead of a weird sort of black flare

Not sure if you're taking critiques here, if you aren't just ignore me haha. (and remember that its only my opinion, ultimately make what you think looks good)


I agree that the blur doesn't seem necessary especially for a BG suck as the mickey/donald duck/pluto one. I think with the glow thing around it, theres a lot of flow already and a sharp render would be far more effective. In addition for your St Patricks day one, since the text is so bold, a sharp render would honestly be much more effective. If you want to you could brush it a bit to draw lighting for better contrast (instead of going for a blend). Or even try outlining everything with a light color.


However the blur DOES work in some cases, e.g. the Minnie one. It's aesthetically pleasing and I know what you want to do with it. My criticism of that one would be perhaps a larger awareness to where the xat overlays go as I am personally not a fan of renders stepping out of the overlay as illustrated below:


However that said, the top and bottom bits on the user overlay do look nice as it fades out almost like a reflection


For the donkey kong one I would suggest toning down the opacity of the recolor layer or erasing bits so you can still see key (albeit dimmed) features... If you're using photoshop all you have to do is tone the opacity down or erase bits of the hue layer with a soft eraser.

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I appreciate the feedback @CommanderCSY but you gotta keep in mind these are free inners, so I'm not gonna go full out, maybe I'll make 6 more where I actually go full out but for now, I'm trying to make a simplistic look for new people who wants free backgrounds for their chat if they ever so stumble upon this. Thanks for the advice, and I'll keep those in mind. This was more of practice for me as I just realized I can use the eraser to fade images a bit more to make it look more authentic and I thought I would put together some inners for people either pcbacks or new chats. :)

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