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Kchef power!

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I think you could become a smiley maker, if you keep up the hard work!


My concern is that the smileys are too tall (Kchsnug cuts off the hat). I'd like more food involved too, to distinguish it from the other manga smiley powers (but I know the set isn't finished yet).

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Suggestions Section Guidelines

  1. Do not create suggestions if the ideas you're presenting have already been suggested by someone else in recent months. Use the search feature.
  2.  Make sure that when you post a reply it is thoughtful. If you have nothing beyond "good idea" to add, then just give a reputation point by liking the post.
  3. Do not blatantly rip images from search engines like Google and present such ideas as if they're your own. Be original. If you find that designs made by other people on the internet are a good representation of your idea, make it clear that the work you're presenting isn't your own, and offer ideas for how xat can modify the idea and make it their own.


Removed all the comments that posted things such as "Good idea" "Nice suggestion" - give proper feedback or like the post instead.


As for the suggestion, I think it's very cute and would be a nice smiley power. Kchef smiley reminds me a bit of Oids, but I think the chef hat and smiley colour makes a notable difference

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@Crow You're right but petite burger is petite. Smiley needs to lay off the calories since its a chef you know :$. I still have to do some tweaking cause I noticed the "Silver dome" is in an offset position in one frame hehe , and Who doesn't love shoving a whole pizza in their mouth? (Going to consider making it just one slice xD) 

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