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how do you have power test?



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Please head over to xat.com/xat_test! Then goto the Main pool if you're not already there) and do !test (power#power) eg (gold#flip)! Hope this helped :)


then the bot will output your command as (gold#flip) because it has everypower meaning you can test any and every power :p

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You do not need to create this kind of topic to ask how to have a "test power" (You can ask directly on a chat) but now that it's done, so give you a clear answer.


The powers tests are given to people that they deserve (Volunteers, Wiki editor ...) but you can still have a test if you suggest a power and if it is created on Xat or by purchasing it from a person who had it but the price may be high (1k - 5k, which leaves you to confirm that it is better to wait when it is released).


Bots are always available to test the powers before their releases if you want to see the smileys etc ..

I hope this response will suffice to answer your question.



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