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Improvements to rapid power


This has been added with the (rapidreason) power.


More info: https://xat.wiki/rapidreason

Message added by Crow

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Hi. My name is HelperNate (535215565), and I would like to suggest an improvement to rapid power.


Originally, the $ code for example a 75 hour mazeban using rapid is $rapid=mazeban,75    well I would like to suggest to add a REASON to rapid power for when it's being used instead of just the word "rapid."


My main suggestion for to add a reason is something like $rapid=mazeban,75,For the gameban tournament! Then when you use the rapid power to mazeban someone the reason will say "For the gameban tournament!" And if no reason is inputted in the $ code, it will just say rapid as it does now.


I want this to apply to all type of gamebans and regular bans that way if someone is ban evading the person can say something such as $rapid=ban,24,ban evading                 and the reason for rapid ban is "ban evading."

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You mean the dollar code was only used and replaced for rapid?

This sign has other utilities like macros and hide a rank.

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I have no Idea where you came up with this idea, but it worked and is now a power and I myself would like to bring up the fact that it is a great idea but ANGY above me is correct in this case the dollar sign already has a purpose such as macros and hiding a rank. However other than that this is a great idea, I don't have that much use with rapid I agree totally that this would be a great idea and you in fact gave me motivation to make my own suggestion for Xat to get more ideas I think you should be getting credit for this power if you already aren't. If you do get around to reading this message I appriciate it and hope you thank me for the enjoyment of the idea.


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