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Some Inners I did

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I actually used Colors Festival before I do like it, but it feels too plain too me, and this template feels more bold to me. I'll try re-using them both to see what I can make been messing with this template the past month.

Also for any graphic designers that wanna use the effects I used in these backgrounds: 


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Note: This is my opinion. You don't have to do anything I say, this is just what I've learned and observed from designing.

  • Everything is far too dark. Switch it up a bit with some light and dark spots in your background.
  • The contrast between the text and the background is too low, try adding some effects to spice it up.
  • Don't do a gradient stroke, it's tacky and doesn't look all too good, as it makes the top part easy to read, but the bottom part fades out, making an imbalance.
  • Scanlines (the pixelated grid) are also tacky, I have no idea why anyone would use them.
  • Try adding more 'backgrounds/effects' you use in your backgrounds to make each one unique. Right now, each one looks very similar, just with different colors and fonts.
  • I've been doing the 'no template' backgrounds, which makes it infinitely simpler to design, as you don't have to worry about anything getting in the way of borders, smiley bar, etc.
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On 05/02/2017 at 0:58 AM, Exuby said:

I'd use another template, such as Advanced Inner 2 or Colors Festival. Don't like the buttons, scrollers, and some layer styles just look like they don't belong. Everything else is pretty good, however.

Strangely that template looks a lot like mine... Except much worse. I think whoever made it just mashed together several templates into some weird knock-off

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Welp, after 2 years, I'm going to bump this with some new inners I've done over the time, enjoy, also, if you're interested in having a inner done by me, let me know. I might hook you up.





I also do banners





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