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Congratulations ̶B̶r̶a̶n̶d̶o̶n̶ Vale

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1 hour ago, LaFleur said:

Congratulations Brandon! But hasn't someone just got main of trade recently, or am i confusing things.


Anyway, would be cool if it gets permanent. : )

Yh Bryan was main for a bit. 


But grats to Brandon and all vols. Best of luck 

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It's not permanent.


And now to start, I (and many others) think @Christina should be made the main owner of Trade. She has proven to be a great main and knows how things operate there. I think every staff member at Trade respect Tina because they know her level of professionalism and demeanour. Why does higher opinion have to outweigh skills and history?

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Congratulations for your temporary rank, @Brandon !


In my opinion, i think there are good options to choose.


During my time as Staff of Trade(when Trade was reset) I've known some people who can be the next Main Owner of Trade but I do not want to say names here.


I only hope the administration can choose a good person to be the Main Owner of Trade.


Many thanks.

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4 hours ago, SirCharlie said:

Congrats! I'm sure you'll continue to make Trade an awesome place.

Ty Charlie (hug)  isn't easy to please everyone but i'll do my best =) 

Just now, Crow said:

Congrats Vale! =P

Ty Crow (hug)

Grazie Atti (hug)

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31 minutes ago, Rida said:

Congrats gal. x

Ty bunny<3

13 minutes ago, SlOom said:

Ewww Vale. :$


Congratulations! :p 

Merci slooma (hug)

2 minutes ago, Eleven said:

Uuuh Vale, Congrats !!!

Uuhh 11, ty (hug)

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