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Customizable cards/gifts

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A great idea Lemona and this will definitely make people use the gift system more. While I support and agree what you said I would also like to make a little suggestion about the gift system. When the gifting feature was first introduced there was a little contest for people to send in their own designs and have the chance to have them as official gifts. We have some amazing talent on xat and I think it would be good to either host a new content for some new designs or do a community section on the gift feature which would rotate every so often with new designs which people send in. This would keep things fresh and allow users to show off their design skills for everyone to see. :d Thoughts?

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Sorry this is slightly off topic again but just thought of a great addon that might make the gift system better or worse, I will let you guys judge for yourselves. :P


We can already gift a card at 50xats and presents at 100 xats right? Well If the feature what Lemona suggested does go ahead then why not built upon the feature even more by adding a "loot create". The system would work by sending the gift normally but you will also have the opportunity to give a customizable amount of xats, days or even a power or 2 which they can open on their special day. It could either be opened by the user straight away or be put on a time lock to open on a certain date and at a certain time. 


The gift will be displayed in a box rather than an envelope and will have a countdown of how many days until it can be opened. When the time comes to open the present they will see the card (standard or customised) and then be able to see what else they were given as a treat. They will then be able to click a claim button which will allow them to collect the xats, days and powers they were gifted.  The user will be able to set if they want to make the card/presents private or publicly but if they were given a http://prntscr.com/e4zrgm 



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