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Under New Ownership + Request and Response


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It's no secret Graphics and its community have been dead for quite a while, somewhat my fault, somewhat due to xats decline. I would like for there to be an easy and accessible way for users to buy and sell graphics, and at the moment, there isn't one (besides the forum, and it's not all that useful, either.)


So, that's why I'd like to reintroduce xat.com/Graphics to every one of you, and welcome all buyers and designers to the chat. Feel free to come here to discuss, buy, and sell graphics! 


I'm currently looking for active staff and designers, so if you think you've got what it takes, leave me a private message on the forums or !mail me using a FEXbot.


A very good system, originally implemented by Elie, has been put to better use. The request & response system, which should not only be used at Graphics, but on the forums as well.


Are you a buyer and would like to find a designer for any of your needs? Make a request here containing all the information required. A designer will get back to you soon. Once your request has been fulfilled, contact me and I will mark it as completed.


Are you a designer, seeking buyers? Look at all of the responses here.


Even though graphics might not be as active as it once was, I hope to constantly improve it and contribute to it's community. And, if you'd like to help me out, feel free to invite your friends to the chat. ♡ Making a more useful graphics community is the ultimate goal.

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