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Powers Suggestions

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We will use your ideas for future powers.

Leave your great ideas here


Please use this form : eg Power  x (example1) (example2)..... (example10)


No images !

We want this thread to be as cleared as possible.



P.s Easter is comming soon.


We wait for your ideas



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EEaster Power

Smilies : 

1. EFbunny : female bunny - pink

2. EMbunny : male bunny - purple

3. EFchick : female little chick - yellow

4. EMchick : male little chick - light blue

5. ESEGG : shiny egg (we can use the shine on other smilies)

6. EFlamb : female PRETTY lamb

7. EMlamb : male PRETTY lamb

8. Eexplode : egg explode into shiny lights (fx that can be used on other smilies)

9. EBchocolate : a chocolate bunny

10. not sure about it but i'd like a bunny throwing glitter (like the glitterfx one) 

+ all the smilies must have big cute eyes :$


Suggesting it only because i do like smilie powers and i DO LIKE big cute eyes.

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gold egg

gold bunny 

chocolate bunny house 

and a chocolate smiley :)  you can put the chocolate background in every power you want ;p 

and kinder surprise (d) yes i can eat  kinder surprise in my country  haters gonna hate 



Normals : 

potato  power , 

flag smileys ( like a normal smiley but in the background color you can add your flag like france usa ... ) 

Coffee  smileys ( a normal coffee with smileys in the coffee cup ) 

pizza smileys                               

birthday special smiley ( add a new smiley it can be use only in your birthday )

also a dolphin power

 the photograph power 


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For an Easter power, something like..

(scavengerhunt) or (scavhunt) for short.

just a power with bunnies (or chocolate bunnies), colored eggs or (coloreggback) similar to (colorback) from paints, smilies searching for eggs.. hard to come up with an easter idea, sorry. :'(


Future power idea:

I suggest a yellow smiley power to get users excited for summer, (excite) could be the name and just a bunch of cheerful emotes could be in the power.


(excite) - the main emote for the power.

(joy) - teary, but happy looking emoticon.

(thrilled) - an emote covering its mouth in excitement.

(anticipation) - crossing fingers emote, sorta like praying from excitement.

(energetic) - an emote showing hyper activity (?)

(shout) - 2 yellow emotes, one shouting at the other. 

(eager) - big eyes; gasping (create it differently than the (omg) emote, obviously)

(jawdrop) - a jaw drop emoticon, self explanatory. 

(sie) - (screaming in excitement for short) an emote raising 2 hands in the air while eyes closed and mouth open wide.


Store price: 230 xats, unlimited or limited, doesn't matter. 


if you have other ideas for emotes to be in this power, fill free to add it. :p 


What made me came up with this idea: xat is about having fun with users in the chatroom, having more happy-like emotes would be nice for chatrooms. (plus I just can't wait for summer this year!) :) That's all I got, have a nice day all. 

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An (UncleSam) power for fourth of July! 


They can be Uncle Sam themed with some red white and blue themed smiles. 



(UncleFlagWave)- It can be a little Uncle Sam waving the US flag 

(UncleSam)- This one can be his staple "I want you" image, but you guys can make it cute and what have you. 

(UncleMoney)- This can be $ bills floating down but the bills can red white and blue 

(UncleThrow)- Uncle Sam throws his hat in the air. 

(UncleFlex)- It can be his arm flexing and on the biceps it can say "USA" with the appropriate colors. 

(UncleWorks)- It can be fireworks going off and the explosion can be the face of uncle Sam 

(UncleHat)- This can be his hat flipped upside down and fireworks can some out of it. 

(UnclePresent)- This can be a present box and when it opens uncle Sams head can pop out with the words freedom following. Like a Jack-in-the-box.

(UncleFreedom)- This can just be him with the words freedom around him (honestly have no more ideas for the smiles). 


(UncleBeard)- The pawn can have the Uncle Sam beard and it can be changing colors to red white and blue 

(UncleHat)- Same thing with the beard but a hat 

(UncleFireworks)- Fireworks going off with red white and blue 

(UncleUSA)- The words USA are the actual pawn.



Availability: Unlimited 


If anyone would like to add onto it, feel free to! 

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  • musical theme - (bard) (lyre) related smilies
  • viking theme - (viking+vikinghat) (vboat) related smilies...
  • sweets theme - ( all types of sweets smilies only like cakes, cupcake, muffins, winebread, pancake, no any drinks)



I will update this post from time to time if i get more ideas...

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