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Ever get annoyed of users always spamming the chat with shark kisses? Well with this power you can block the kiss just like no audies blocks audio sounds on the chat, and nopc blocks all incoming PC's unless it's from a friend, chat staff, or xat staff. Of course users without this power can still see kisses on the chat but this power disables them if the power is ticked on. Having this power will not affect anybody else from not being able to see annoying animations onto the chat such as shark kisses. Xat should implement this power because users are always spamming shark kisses and it annoys some as well.


Instead of having to mute your computer all the time because of annoying kisses this power will be the job for that instead!

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5 hours ago, Finna said:

How will adblock even work though? I have adblock on Google Chrome and it never blocks kisses.


If you don't setup it, it won't working lol.


But there is an extension Xat (not official) to block stuff (like kisses, bump) on Google Chrome : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/xat-tools/ogcdcefmgcofkjjckhpjnhopehbhjmef


I'm actually using it, and I can say, it's safe. There is nothing "dangerous" in it.

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We've all been there. Tabbed out, watching a Youtube video, playing a game on full screen, doing homework while away in the chat. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH You jump, you spill your drink, you scare your cat, you are startled. The Shark kiss got you again. You want to mute the entire tab, but you're listening to the radio, or you're waiting for your BFF to respond to your PC, so you had to keep the sound on. You knew this would happen. 


DND is the Power that ignores kisses. To activate the power, simply type $dnd=on and kisses will no longer pop on the entire screen. Simply the message will be displayed there, where it says which kiss it was and what the message was. I'd say this should be one of the more expensive powers of recent at 300-400 xats.




quick edit: DND short for Do Not Disturb, just so it makes a little more sense.

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Just now, Ravey said:

Sometimes ad block doesn't block those kisses, in my opinion, it's a really good power and it's useful. 

The solution I proposed works fine for me. Make sure that you have set it up correctly and your browser is up-to-date. I personally find it ridiculous for users to pay to do something that can be done with a few clicks and for free, and even more to force users into buying it in order to keep EveryPower.

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1 hour ago, CarlosDesigns said:

Or this could be implemented as a free feature. You know, just logically correct.

Sounds like something that can be a simple Setting in HTML5.


 - Kiss Sounds [Enable]/[Disable]  (Default is Enabled)

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