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I am here to suggest a new power called PCFlix! Notice how we have Flix powers and we can use them on the main chat? Well xat should also allow animations to be in your PC as well. This power will let you use any of the following Flix's you have: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Flix or if xat makes any more new power you can also use that Flix in your PC as well.


Now if the animations in your PC get boring or annoying you can always turn the power off to turn the animation off. But I think it'd look cool to have animations in our PC's instead of normal boring looking backgrounds all the time.


Here is an example of what a Flix in your PC would look like: Flower_flix.gif


Credits to Stah for this preview and the Wiki team! I really think users would enjoy this power as much as they enjoy the Flix's we already have. Yes I know some users may not all like the Flix animations, but there's always the option to exit out of a users PC.

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This could be done actually and it's not very hard, but the admins have to enable a certain plugin (which they do know how) and add a coding in for .gif (which they also know how to do) to be used as a secondary image. 


Animated avatars or .gif are .png avatars on xat which is a somewhat of a special thing on xat. Though it's just frames moving all at once, but that's what a gif is. However, gifs can't be used on flash which is why the animate power was created to make .png frames move all at once (if frames are square). Hence the animated converter we have. That being said, the .png image with frames or a ".gif" on xat is a fake .gif that works - pretty cool.


Now we need something like that. "AnimatePC; Allows you to have an animated pcback with your custom designs gifs and designs."


If we were to have a CSS function on animated backgrounds like how xat5 is, then surely gifs would work in PCBacks, but that's too much of a hassle. 


I do hope the coding and plugin get enabled for us to have animated PCbacks. That would be neat.


About Flix powers, just use some CSS and have whatever gifs you want instead of using the flixes. That limits you. Freely using CSS and then animating your backgrounds to whatever gifs you want doesn't limit you.

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I'm not a fan of the current flix, but they could look great if made specifically for private chats, with a new focus.


Flix powers as a whole could become more popular and exciting (like when new function powers are released).

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