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No punishment for a security check

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I've been telling people to re-login before buying from the store to avoid page errors.

If you re-login before you try to purchase from xat store, it should work just fine (as long you haven't tried in the last 4 minutes).


Perhaps, xat could add something like this somewhere on the powers page: 

"Have you logged in today? Make sure you are logged in before completing your xat power(s) purchase". 

It needs to be more visible than the 'Buy powers' button.



If you're suggesting xat to remove the time limit, I disagree completely.

This time limit exists for a long time, and it works as a way to keep buying powers fair (e.g. if you could get all limited at once, that wouldn't be fair to other users).

Therefore releases occur from time to time, so more users can get them.


I think four (4) minutes are good enough but I wouldn't mind having it reduced to three (3) instead.


In the past, I've thought of a power that would "reduce your time limit", so if you had the power you could buy powers every 2 minutes (instead of 4).

But after some thinking, I reconsidered the idea because it wouldn't be fair (2 to 4 is a big difference).


Then I thought of something else, instead of a power, it could work as a "feature".

e.g. If you have AllPowers, your time limit changes to 3 minutes (instead of 4 minutes).



On the other hand, I think we would need the "areyouhuman" verification added to the store page (to improve its security).

If we add more security there, we will be preventing users from doing things they aren't supposed to (time limit + areyouhuman=fair for all).


If areyouhuman was added, the problem would be that too many users get confused when completing it (and every second matters when buying limited powers).

This isn't good and could make buying powers an annoying thing instead of being simple and quick as it should be.

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I doubt he meant removing the time limit entirely; just the fact that if you attempt to purchase the new power and are told to re-login, you're unable to purchase the power until the 4 minutes are up. (which, of course, doesn't make quite sense)

Now if this can't be fixed internally, then I'd support adding something recommending the user to login before purchasing powers.


I don't think the time limit necessarily matters if it were to be dropped from 4 minutes to 3. With xat's releases, if you are able to wait 3 minutes to buy a new power and it's still in the store, you'll usually have that extra minute.


I'd also stay away from AreYouHuman being on the powers page because it would only cause a headache.

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44 minutes ago, Paul said:

I agree on this!.


This is why i re login like 5 mins before the new power releases so i dont get this message


Usually, if you stay on the same browser/internet and if you still have the cookie that xat gives you when you login, you don't need to reconnect on your account.


For example : Yesterday, I bought the new power without reconnecting since ... 3 days and I hadn't that security check message.


The security check issue comes from probably the cookie that xat gives you and when it's not on your browser, it will ask your to relogin. After i'm not sure about that, but I remember Techy doing something about and saying that cookie was required to be able to buy on the store.


But for sure, I agree with the idea to not punish users with this 4 min thing when they have to reconnect. Because after, it will reduce the chance to not being able to buy the power.

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2 hours ago, Cupim said:


If you re-login before you try to purchase from xat store, it should work just fine (as long you haven't tried in the last 4 minutes).


This is exactly what I've been doing. Any time I see a new power being released on the banner, I just go and login (maybe several times before it is released)

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