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Whats the best about the xat smileys?


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Even though there are more smilies on Facebook, I've never really liked some, they don't express anything.

On the other hand, xat smilies are so expressive! I feel you can express any feeling with them (talking about the yellow ones).


xat.wiki/Free_smilies for a full list!

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I think we all can say that the smileys have definitely evolved over the years. I still remember the time when the smileys were all the classics and I truly enjoyed them. I remember a project I had to do back in elementary school where you couldn't use any sort of communication with words to communicate with someone and had to figure out a way to talk to that person. So, my partner and I decided to use xat and the xat smileys to communicate where each smiley represented a different letter so we basically communicated in smiley language. The project actually turned out pretty good and we did really well on it. I think that's just what the smileys are there for. They help us communicate with a sense of emotion and personality. 


I think it's kind of weird to say that the xat smileys have honestly inspired me in a certain way. I used to often ask how they got made, where they came from, where the inspirations came from and you name it. There was a time when I got so interested in them that I actually started to teach myself flash and actually started taking courses that touched on it. I started creating suggestions on the forum for them, tried designing my own smileys (which honestly were pretty bad but they still were okay I guess). This actually kind of lead me to start talking to these people who actually made these things. Being a smiley maker honestly seems like such a cool job to have on xat. Although it might be a lot of work, you basically get to find your own inspirations and design smileys and powers. I think my passion for all of this has not only created strong friendships with similar people, but also helped me figure out what field I wish to pursue in the future (which happens to be in the communications/design field). 


Either way, I still think today that the xat smileys are pretty much the coolest thing on xat and are basically what keeps xat running. Pretty much all the smileys I use on my phone (from iMessage to Kik etc) are not exactly animated and don't have as much detail as the ones on xat do (Sometimes I actually just screenshot the xat smiley and send it as an image... oops :$ ) . I often think it's a privilege to be able to use these cool smileys (especially the free yellow ones) everyday to communicate with people all around the world.

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xat should strive to be compared to facebook, in a way they are similar as they both provide a communication service for users around the world, but the thread asks about your favorite xat smiley, although pointing out your favorite facebook emotes is fine too, it could be a suggestion for xat to follow!


for myself, I really like all the smileys from manga, they look fantastic.

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