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On 4/18/2017 at 3:29 AM, QueenANIME said:

I don't have photoshop but I love all of these

any ways you can convert these into pdn 




I tried the photoshop plugin for paint.net

doesn't want to work


I wish to download and use all of these

You can download Photoshop CS2 for free

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Hello here I leave this set of templates, I hope you like bye.     Template 1 :    Download   Template 2 :   Download   Templat

CUBE Template     Download  

New template (:      download

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On 2017-5-30 at 9:23 PM, darkraiiii said:

I use few of these,since I am still new at making PCBacks, but I learn by practicing. Thanks for sharing these.

This is the purpose of sharing this material, that everyone can have a learning having available materials.

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1 minute ago, RoySteev said:

Awesome templates manu! You did a great job! May I know whether you've worked on any other templates? If so, then please guide me to download them.

At the moment I have not worked on new templates, I hope to have some free time to think about something new, I'm glad to see you like templates.

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On 3/9/2016 at 10:35 PM, xatAzure said:

Looks nice, a little simple for me though.

Holy Crapola it's Azure!? Long time no see, also yes it's simple yet some what clean. However not a fan of the color scheme on the first post, however your contributions

are appreciated to help some people struggling with photoshop. :)

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