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New power (pawnwave)


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1 minute ago, Lamingtons said:

This is bored, they suggested "text wave, scroll wave, etc..." now pawn wave? lol...

Maybe change xat logo for a rainbow logo xddd

They is none idk who is they i just suggested this. if xat want is up to them so. lol

1 minute ago, Atti said:

@ider I like good idea

Thanks Bro atti for me is a nice pawn (Y) 

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10 minutes ago, Priincess said:


I don't want new pawn. We have pink, blueman, gold, everypower why more?

It's better design something new, no pawns, no status, etc.

Too Normal Pawns just two pawns are  nice Gold and purple and this ofc.

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20 minutes ago, Mencee said:

Doubtful we will be getting a new pawn any time soon. Statusgrad and Statuswave have yet to make their appearances. :o

No Obligated the should come and the Pawn can not affect them.

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10 hours ago, Brandon said:

We already have a ton of similar powers. We might as well pile on! I don't mind the idea. However, what I would rather have is the ability to customize the color of everypower.


10 hours ago, Luca said:

Is long time we don't have a new pawn, and if that would be a pawnwave would be cool

i Think so too

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