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I am attempting to log in to an old account that I used to use. I forgot my password so i changed it and all that, but upon logging in i am met with this screen:



It tells me I have successfully entered my account, but the top right still indicates that I am not logged in. I have no access to any of my account stuff and going into chats gives me the default random SnuffieBottom username or whatever. Attemping to log in results in an endless loop.


Thanks in advance



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First off I'll go ahead and assure you that when you login, the screen that you got was not abnormal. "Login" is just a button that is present on the homepage for people to easily go and login. 



When you go to any xat chat, right click in the chat and click on "Settings". Locate the little folder icon and click on it. You need to make sure that you're allowing xatech to store information on your computer, like such: http://prntscr.com/db34fb If this is not checked as allow, you'll need to allow it and refresh. 


Also, when you are going to login, are you closing out of every other xat window you have open, and then going to one single chat?

Does this "endless loop" happen on every browser, or just one?

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