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As a kid you were the shyest kind
Many were taking from you, but you alone swallowed
He spoke without hesitation, gestures of money
But time changes everything, you've waited a few years
They always made you laugh when you wanted to get up
But hold on to why you like it, and you won't go away
Wait and fight, your time will come
And then the world will withdraw its words, yes
They considered you the weakest, you know you can do more
You don't have to prove to anyone how good you are
The truth is cruel but it has to come to the surface
And then they will understand that you are already in front
It's time to show them everything you are capable of
And then they will realize that you are lying on your feet
Yes, and do not let go, do not forgive
Do not show mercy, in time you will learn this

Show them what you can hit the hardest
Don't let anyone get off your feet
Raise your guard up, you know best
It's full of vipers around here, take care of yourself

Never beat yourself up or disregard others
The world talks too much, it just says aberrations
Leave it that way, and see your way
It's more important than his way
Nobody should stand in your way, darma
Who gets in front of you, pharma
Like a loaf of bread, make it crumbs
And after they understand this, I assure you
When they have problems, they will call you
To see you, that is the whole thing
Even you don't appeal to them, they think it's important
But in time you will see, too, some misses
I also went through my words here
That's because there were many with money and power
But I proved that from the bottom I went up alone
And now I'm pretty good, I assure you


I apologize and thank you for your understanding.

Edited by Mihai
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