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Starting again, as no one counted there posts, and also, cameron diaz was mentioned 4 times, some other guy three times.... rules are:


Okay, I really hate forum games, however we should really kick start this forum with something, and as you guys have demanded this ridiculousness for years, lets start with a game that has really annoyed me on other forums in the past. 


The idea of the game is to name a celebrity, or famous person starting with the first letter of the second name. For example


Post1: Isaac Newton

Post2: Nelly Furtado

Post3: Frank Turner 


A famous person is defined as having, a Wikipedia page, or Twitter verified with over 25,000 real followers. 

The same notable person cannot be used twice. 


The first notable person is; Leonardo Dicaprio


The thread will be locked: April 30th at 23:59 UTC. Thats a insane 2 months of posting. The winner is determined as suggesting the most notable undisputed names within that time frame. You should keep a counter on every post for my sanity, any cheating will result in disqualification. 


You get 2 lives. A life is lost when you forget to count your post. AND if you name the same notable person a second time. 


Winner gets 3000 xats, and anything else anyone wants to donate to the fund. 


From my experience these games get very competitive and friends can become arch enemies, please have fun know your limits and remember the rules. 


Let the living hell begin. 

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1 minute ago, Crow said:

This one's for you, Lemona: Marc Anthony. :$ (4)

I love you.


Ariana Grande (3) 

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