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Domain UnBlock look for more infos


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Hello volunteers i'm co-owner on xat.com/Novidades; a xat to get the latest xat news in portuguese language.. And i need to unlock the domain to set an blog there!

And i need to unlock the domain to set a xatajuda.net blog there in first page! IF NEEDED TRANSFER MY POST PLEASE


Obs:I tried to open a ticket I am using paid but is giving it see the print http://prntscr.com/cy01cr

I've done relogin. I've cleaned the browser cookies, I switched browser info and nothing worked I came here as my last option.

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A lot of people have been encountering this error (getting stuck in an endless loop of "Security check: Re-login"), and this is how I usually direct them so that they're able to make a ticket or whatever:

1. Close all xat chats

2. Clear your browser's cache, but not the cookies. 
3. Close your browser
4. Come back to xat.com/login and successfully login
5. Head over to xat.com/ticket and try to fill out your ticket again.

Another strategy that Arthur has suggested to me several times is that if you're using the browser Chrome, to follow the guide at https://xthelp.wordpress.com/2010/06/12/how-to-reset-your-identification-number/ after step number 3, and then proceed with steps 4 & 5. 

An odd process, but it usually works for people. Try this, and see if you're still unable to create a ticket. 

EDIT: Looks like Muffins sniped me while I was typing this. Feel free to use this guide in the future if you'd like. 

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