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Users with everypower and allpowers


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I was banned for no reason, please note marches on this admin
ID; <removed>. on <removed>
Not it is right that these admins who has not bought any powers to XAT on to be banned  users with powers everypower and allpowers
.Is, unfair what is happening on XAT
 Admins who has not bought any power to Xat banned users with powers everypower and allpowers?
I propose that the admins user that Xat be registered on Xat and which bought at least 100 Power on  Xat.
-It Is unacceptable what is happening on Xat
Users admins who do not, are registered on Xat  banning users with bought powers everypower and allpowers?

It's incredible...

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1. Do not bring up disputes of any kind on the forum. If you brought this up in a ticket in the past and were denied any assistance (as in a nicer version of #2), posting the same issue on the forum will not help you in any way.


2. Main owners are allowed to ban for any reason they choose. If they become consistently inappropriate, the chat may be delisted, but will still exist. If they want to ban you because you have powers, then too bad.

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I feel sorry for your and your ideas.

But first if the owner  ban people with powers there's nothing wrong  


Sometimes people  with powers just ignore poor users or vanilla users , 

even if the poor guy could bought 90 everypowers .


its the choice of the owner to ban  everybody  .


but now you are suggesting the worst thing on this forum , 100 powers to be  owner of your own chat it's a joke 


that's why I think u got banned 

just looking at your suggestion I find the reason of your ban 


have a good day 

I'm poor also 


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