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Welcome(hug) on the occasion of Women's Day, I would like on behalf of himself and other men wish:
  Excellence in every detail
You would never feel sorrow
Felt love full flavor
And the greatest strength of his attack.
A smile on his face throughout the year.
You had only to dream of the road step.
For Your shopping money grew low on the tree
A Prince Charming collected them for you :)
On this special day, I wish you everything your heart yearns
I wish it was not just an ordinary letter in a glass bottle ...



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 Happy woman's day


Wow !! That was awesome Kaz you are great really i appreciate it .  

 I don't know to write poems , novels , etc , but my message is for all girls woman , mothers , Happy woman's day 


Today day 8 is a great day for all women's . I wish to all only love , peace , health and happyens . 


God bless all forever <333  




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43 minutes ago, Jhoo said:

Mother Love to paliwo, które pozwala normalnego człowieka do zrobienia tego, co niemożliwe.


Szczęśliwy dzień matki !:re

 Poland Have mother day in 26.05  and all women can be too mother 

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