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Something similar to this has already been suggested like an award system. I personally don't think a badge type of merit like that is needed to show how rich a user is..... we can view all their powers by clicking 'Powers'. However, there could be an award in an award system that indicates if a user is a paid user.

Just a thought.


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I get the sense it would be a little naughty if xat rewarded people with badges for being 'rich', it's basically encouraging people to buy more. Also, it prevents users who can't afford to spend hundreds and hundreds of $ on xat from achieving things. I'm a strong believer that there should be minimal things on a site like this that all users can't access, I think the powers as a 'premium' product is enough, without awarding badges for being rich.


The other suggestion about achievement awards suggested a while back, for example you get a badge for making 100 transactions, or sending 1,000,000 chat messages, things like that, could be cool, because they could be gained by all users.

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