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If you could visit one place...


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The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park in northeastern Brazil is probably the closest thing to paradise on Earth – from what Google images shows anyway. Think large white sweeping dunes, fresh water lagoons, and scorching sun. Entrance to the park is exclusive to 4-wheel drive trucks, so it sounds like a group trip sort of thing.


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14 hours ago, Lemona said:

True true. I happen to be the only one out of my whole family who hasn't been there. 


You should go there! Be sure to bring bottled water! 

6 minutes ago, Ryan said:

I'd like to visit California, the UK is too cold.

California right now is sunny where I live. It's supposed to rain all week. :d (In a drought) 

It's expensive to live in and lots of cars. 


It is very clean due to the emission laws here

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