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I sent a ticket because I error 55:

Hello was like on a typical day when a friend will give me a day and I get an error: System problem (26), we will try to negotiate on trade and gave error: System problem. Please try later. 55, I'm "HELD" I want to withdraw it from my account so I can negotiate and buy my powers.

Answer: Hello, Your homepage included a link to a YouTube channel which had videos demonstrating how to raid xat chats. For this reason, your account was deleted.

I answered again: The youtube channel is not mine, and had no knowledge of the link content type has already been removed from my main xat,would like to remove my held "error 55".



they answered me that not my account has been deleted because of a YouTube link that had videos demonstrating how to raid xat chats, but the link was pro channel and not for the video I did not know this type of video on the channel.
The link has been removed they will unlock my account?

the link from the main xat went to a game channel, did not know he had videos attack on xat

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I am sorry to hear that your xat account has been deleted, however this must be negotiated with volunteers in, and only in, your ticket.


We cannot help you any further than volunteers can here on the forum.


If you are waiting for a reply, please continue to wait patiently as posting on the forum will not speed up the process.

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