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Active pawns/hats Dialog(window)

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18 minutes ago, Stah said:

What if when you clicked it it would add it to your name? (or replace if you already have a hat)


To extend this, if you don't have the power it would say "You don't have the power" or "You need ___ to use this pawn"

this was planned already but i wanted to post this before just to see if i should change anything

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9 hours ago, Cupim said:

Good idea. I also like Stah's idea of adding the pawn code to the nickname if the user clicks on the pawn from the window 

Might get some people upset if they have their hats changed by mistake. So I'd add a confirm window, in case the automatic technology gets added :p


My suggestions (what I'd add/change):


1. Make the xat window that displays pawns to open when you click on the (hat) smiley.
Making the window to open when clicking on the (hat) works better since hat is required for the pawns to work

Similar to when you click on a smiley to assign a power. You'd get the pawns window though


2. I'd rename the window title to: "Available limited pawns", and or "Available hats and pawns" if classic hats are added too.

And also remind xat that the chat box translations would need to be updated because of the new texts.


3. If you don't have the required power, the text of the hat code would appear in grey but the pawn would still display (even if you don't have the power).


4. When you mouse over a pawn, a text will show with the name of the power that it requires to work (similar to the tooltip effect).


I think that the classic hats should be displayed too (they first then after the limited pawns).


Imagine if you want to add the rabbit ears to the snowman pawn.

If you click on a hat code, xat will edit only the first letter of the hat code from your nickname.

If you click on a pawn code, xat will replace only the letters that come after the first (limited pawn code).


For instance (simulation): If you open the pawns window, and click on the globeback pawn next, the hat will be changed to: (hat#h376) 

If you click on the rabbit ears after doing this, the code will be modified to (hat#r376).

Following this idea, there's a chance that not even color codes would get messy


What I mean by messy: If you clicked on the rabbit ears it could change to (hat#r) which would be wrong because it would erase the current hat code: (hat#h376)

Same can happen to color codes that come after the hat code.


What I mean by classic hats: Football helmet, baseball cap, beer mug, rabbit ears, egg, santa hat, etc.


Note: If you dislike suggestion no. 4, another window can pop up in case you click a pawn which you don't have the required power for (Stah's idea).

Although I believe it'd be easier and faster to mouse over all of them pawns, than to click one by one for checking.

added 1 - 4, working on making it change your pawncode.


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