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Update To Six (and older powers)


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So today I was minding my own business when I noticed that Six only had ONE smiley. I know for some of you this is a lot to take in but don't worry I've come up with a solution! 

Remember back when xat added smilies to purple that looked like purple keyholes, well we could do the same with six!


Here are some suggestions that could be added :


(sixsixsix) - This would basically be a smiley with the number 666 possibly in red writing and made to look like blood?  

(devil) - maybe something like this since I couldnt really describe it cartoon-devil-pictures-fine.jpg

(pitchfork) - Basically a devil pitchfork devil-pitchfork-weap073.JPG

(If smilies similar to the suggested smilies exist I'll remove it later)


Updating older powers such as Angel, Heart and Snowy (there's more that don't have much smilies but it'll take time to list them all) would encourage users to purchase the power for the smilies rather than for allpowers/everypower.

Updating older powers with more smilies could be done instead of having a newer power created that is similar or almost identical to an older power and would allow for more new suggestions to be taken into consideration or we could have more gameraces, gamebans or function powers instead no okay ):


If you have anything to share feel free to do so below.




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17 hours ago, iRare said:

I don't support this idea whatsoever. The old powers are the only thing us oldies of Xat have left to reminisce about the good times. Leave them the way they are!!!

Thanks god boosting purple power to have more smilies happened! (smirk)

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I completely agree. Back in the old time, six was more a trading power than anything else (worth 10k in 2012). 

Boosting it would be great. Six also totally deserves a hug, I cannot wait to see what smiley makers could do about it. :) 


Although, we already have kdemon, so using simple demon forms wouldn't be enough!

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