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New power Shorten

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Hi all friends, as we all know the lag is a problem in many xats because the codes ranging powers in the nick. I figured a way to try to solve this problem, the express power through the Shorten.
Many are asking: is that it? It's simple, this power has the function to shorten codes num, nameglow, namecolor, hat, smileys, etc. Ranging in nick and turn it into one shortened code.
For this we need a shortening code generator for power shorten xat.com
I'll give you an example:
codes will be placed in the shortener generator.
We use the nick model.
put the codes in the shortener generator, generate and get all shortened codes. example: (st#n#g4am9c)
The function is still not enough, so I thought I could have fun smileys.

Scissors smiling.
A guy with a comb and scissors cutting hair.
A girl cutting her hair.
A boy and a girl ar guing the heart with a heart in the middle and a short scissors.
A smiley with Scissorhands and a hat.
Scissors cutting paper with a message that says peace or love.
A giant that every time you walk becomes small.
A girl with mask villainous and scissors in hand.
A ghost of paper when touched with the mouse fly out the chat room.

In addition to this I thought I could have a hug for divorce xat.com
That would be a scissors cutting a heart into pieces, or pereja fighting and heart cuts the heart, or a photo of a happy couple and a photo scissors cut the couple dividing in half.

Hats can be a scissors, cut in half pawn, a figure of paper, etc.
Well folks, I hope you like it, I think it could be very useful, it is not required that all users have it or use it, but you have to make it interesting or more striking, if they have more suggestions for this power will gladly be accepted. The idea is to solve perhaps the problem that affects many users thought xat.com why this method.
Greetings to all!

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