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You just want that Harley Quinn smiley, don't you? :$;)


It would be a shame if we can't use specific characters, I agree. But having looked at a list of the *Top 100 comic book villains*, there should be enough generic supervillain traits to create our own shameless copies anyway.


These traits include: dark costumes, evil auras, hideous scars, evil beards, rictus grins, sharp slimy teeth (like Venom's), metal masks, lizard transformations, wolf transformations, long slimy tongues (Venom again), soulless red eyes, metal claws, element manipulation, voodoo sorcerer powers...

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I this idea. Like you said, we have a hero power, but why not a villains power ? Although, we have in hero power some villains like Dr. Jekyl and Iceman, this should be separated. We can't say that Jekyl and Iceman are heroes. 


They could make a villains but not with, like Crow said, Venom or Harley Quinn (I would love Enchantress smile). In hero power there is "Amazon" that looks like Wonder Woman, and Electro like...Electro, Genie like the Genie from Aladdin. 



It's a good power, Elie. I would love to see it made. 





(and we can add Cat Woman :$:$)

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