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New power Selfie

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Greetings to all this great community again!
I bring a new power called Selfie.
As we know, today are very fashionable selfies because every day we move forward with technology.
This power is to take a capture function or photo in the chat room. How do we do it? with the command: $selfie=capture

The smileys could incorporate the following: 

1-(selfie) 2mo3zmf.png   2-(selfie1) 9vfgy0.png  3-(selfie2) 33tjb42.png  

4-(selfie3) s5k32u.png    5-(selfie4) vzx8h2.png    6-(selfie5) m7b38n.png  

7-(selfie6) 2moxrgi.png   8-(selfie7) 11a8wed.png  9-(selfie8) vzx8h2.jpg  

10-(selfie9)=a woman winking taking a selfie.   11-(selfie10)=a woman throwing a kiss with a heart taking a selfie.  
12-(selfie11)=a group selfie with various smileys smiling  13-(selfie12)two girls drinking a selfie front of a mirror.

For the pawn can add a camera, also a phone with front camera as if taking a picture of the pawn.

It could also contain new hugs, like a couple of friends, boyfriends, husbands drinking a selfie. Also a group photo with many people of different race smiling, so also promote a positive message that racism does not exist.

I hope you like my idea, any suggestion or contribution for improvement will be accepted.
Thank you very much to all!

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We already have 2 selfie smilies, one in mobilebeta and another in diva. I don't see why we need a whole power of smilies taking pictures of itself.

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But maybe a Photograph power with has effects that can be added to the normal smileys or a different sets of smilies not just by focusing on one

e.g: two smilies standing in front of a landmark like eifel tower and another smiley taking photos of them,

       a smiley posing like a model and a photographer taking photos to the model smiley,

       a smiley on a place where the smiley taking photos of the scenery

Just a suggestion....


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Or instead of them being smilies like we already have we can take pictures through the xat chat of ourselves or anything about the xat chat we do on the service  and have it resized as our own personal avatars. For example you can resize it to 30 x 30 pixels or even up to 120 x 120 pixels if you're comfortable with either sizes. 

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