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New function power: OnSale

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Hi, this function power will allow you to try for a day a power that you don't have and will help you decide if you want to buy it or not. The chosen power will appear in the powers list with a symbol similar to the away clock that appears in the pawn. It won't be possible to choose powers like allpowers or everypower, and powers that you already have.


The smiley could be similar to this smiley from blackfriday power but with a sign that says on sale:



I thought about 3 different options for this power:


First option:

To prevent the abuse of this power, only once a week you can choose any power to try it for a day.


Second Option:

The power will be similar to DX power. When you use the power it goes. The power will be unlimited


Third Option:

 It's similar to the first option but you can only try for a day the new power of the week.



I hope you like my idea :).

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Actually, it's not a bad idea but the problem actually is that people will be able to sell it since it's a "normal" power at all.


And .... Something bothers me; What about the price of this power ? Free or same price than DX ? Because, if you pay more than the power you want to test, it's not logic. It should be less than it.


My thought is : Each day, you are allowed to test a power for FREE and after this day, it's removed of your account and you have to wait a few hours for another one. Why free ? Because actually, you "test" it, you don't "buy" it like if it was totally your power.


It's like a "test power", it's given for free, you don't buy it. (I mean for people who got it from admins)


Btw, after it will force users to buy the power they chosen before. (And probably force users to buy xats to get it !)

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I think it 's cool that the test of the powers are visives only for those who are using .. Why think you go in the store and pay 50 xats Mill in a ( gold ) and a person who has not spent anything has the same right ? . then I cool it was visible only to those who are using and a maximum of one hour.

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