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New power Rapper

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Greetings all, I would like to suggest the rapper power. I want to be a limited power.
The smileys could incorporate the following:

1- (rapper)2yycpw3.png   2-(rapfreestyle) aouez7.png  3-(rappose) opxxtc.png 
4-(rapsmirk) 2v33pz8.png 

5-(rapmoney) 2qnsen4.png 6-(rapcool) 166it7l.png 7-(rapunderground)2gsfk79.png 8-(rapgirl)14408yr.png 
9-(rapcd)v41bps.png  10-(rapbling) 20t2elu.png 

The pawns could be a flat cap, and also a bling bling.
This power could also contain new hugs, as a rapper doing freestyle, also tworappers in a rap battle, and also a rap concert, etc.
I hope you like my idea, I wish you all a good day.

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One of the things I really love about xat is the diversity - different people from different backgrounds with different tastes all meeting in the same place - and I think this power adds even more diversity to the powers list. We have koalas, princesses, comics and onions (to name just a few), and I can really see 'rapper' being added here too. It's urban and modern - another angle for xat to explore. It seems to fit in nicely. Given the popularity of radio stations on xat (at least in the past), there could be a real desire to buy this power too - to accessorize your basic smileys with hats and hoods.


I love your idea of the rapping hug too - where the text is actually important to the image. Sorry, I'm just eulogizing, rather than adding creative ideas.

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This could be an ideal power for users mostly in radio chats. A lot of people loves musics and this can always be use in chat conversations. 

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