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Hello, @radiochatblack

It is possible to obtain ownership to a chat group that was created by another user. However, said chat group must be labeled inactive for 90 days before being eligible for purchase. During these 90 days of inactivity, the chat group must not be edited in any way by the main owner, and must not record any chat events.

Once the chat has been deemed inactive, a banner will appear below the chat that advertises the sale of the group. Once you click on the banner, you must enter your xat username and your password. Once you press "Get Cost" and then "Buy", the group will be transferred to the e-mail account associated with your xat account.

Please note that at this time, the only form of currency accepted for purchasing an inactive chat group are xats.

Note: If you purchase a group and it becomes inactive again, another user may be able to purchase the chat group from xat.

If you wish to purchase a chat group but receive the error Not available (6), you must open a ticket under the "Short names and Groups" help department, assuming you are a paid user and would like it.

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