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Pedro Álvares Cabral

Most people know there are many browsers, but which one is your favorite one? Mine is personally google chrome. 

Google Chrome. Faster. Better. Stronger.   No idea why some people persist in using Internet Explorer (e.g., workplaces, libraries). They must be masochists. 

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I used to be one of those guys that used a Windows XP machine with Internet Explorer for years on xat. However, Chrome is the best browser in my opinion which is the one I use all the time

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Opera. Why?


Google Chrome doesn't understand that when I tick the box on my Facebook messages to send once I hit the enter key, I don't want it to make a new line. Also some of the hyperlinks on google or around websites just wont open once I click them.

Firefox doesnt keep the chat size on xat when I zoom in, since I have a large monitor and poor eye sight

Safari is what I would call, a waste of time

So is Internet Explorer.

Edge crashes too often


Idk anymore browsers. Opera seems to tick all the boxes for me.



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