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♥ Summer Pawn Costume Contest ♥


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Reg/Id:   iiiMadness (1541936065)

NickName:    Ⲏⲇⲍ
Hi everyone!





Credits: Please click on each word if you want to find those icons ⬇⬇⬇⬇
Hat  • Glasses  • Swimsuit  • Float  • Lips  • Hair  • Pawn  • Drink

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Add missing links for credits
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On 7/20/2021 at 7:04 PM, Loba said:

hiya guys ♥ - we have a new contest for you!


how it works: 

you have to create a summer themed pawn.

example i made: (she's bee themed)




pawn base you can use to create yours (you can use any colored pawn):



you can use this website to create it.


other information:

there will be SEVEN winners.



1st place: 1,000 xats + kbee,

2nd place: kbee + 750 xats,

3rd place: kbee + 250 xats

4th, 5th, 6th & 7th: kbee


prize holder: @Kyle


deadline: 31st of July.

judges: @Loba / @Lemona / @Kyle / @RoxStar / @MasterChief / @Jayden


please credit your sources.


have fun! ♥





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Posted (edited)

Under the sea  🌞




background  here  

bikini             here

animation & elements here by https: //giphy.com  the elements in to the gif do not contain a link, they are found inside on the same page of giphy.

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Can everyone please ensure they've properly credited their work by the deadline? Giving credit only to the website where it was found does not suffice, please link to the direct images. Canva may be the only exception since the images are directly within the platform itself and cannot be linked. 




@iDead @RobFerrari @Vilen @KARY @srbi9o

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hiya guys! ♥


the winners:


1st - @Vilen (kbee + 1k)

2nd - @RobFerrari (kbee + 750 xats)

3rd - @iDead (kbee + 250 xats)

4th, 5th, 6th and 7th - @KARY@srbi9o, @SapphireOfficial and @Maxo (kbee)

8th and 9th - @Lily and @catshire (200 xats each)


please contact @Kyle to claim your prizes.


congratulations and thank you all for participating! ♥

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