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Hello xat´ers

Today I bring a new suggestion that I do not know if it has been discussed in the past.
So that we can each add social networks on our profile, what we need, how we can do it, you can find the answers below.

What we need/Don´t need? [Those without register will not be able to add anything]
- We need to be registered [xat.com/register]
- You don't need days, [it works with and without days]

How we can do it?
1) Click In your Nickname chat
2) Settings
3)  You may add Name of your all Social networks. [xat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. . . .]

Eg. What will it look like before and after you add social networks.
561190153_nouasugestiesocial.thumb.png.5b3694076508eb6e6a75895a1f58279f.png Vs 615078845_nouasugestiesocial.thumb.jpg.56d1920ad235a9adc5cb929b2cefd031.jpg
- What does xat mean? - xat mean your xatChat room.
- Can I use another chat if I don't have my own chat room? - NO! But you can use Home Page for that.
What is it used for then? - So people can see what your official chat room is.
What if I don't add or have my own chat? - Nothing happens, no chat will appear when someone clicks on you.
I have a chat, but I don't want to add or show it here. - Leave the white space blank, and no chats will appear.
If you have questions addressed to this idea you can add in the comments, I will answer as soon as possible with the highest quality answer.

It is just an idea and should be treated as such.
- Thanks to Dimple for allowing me to use her account as an example. [xat_Test, xat5]

Regars Bau

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great idea @Bau , it’s fit on me bcuz i have twitter acc, but sad thing i just have 1 followers 😅, another in good thing i have many friends on fb(blowkiss). Amazing and Good Job Bau.

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My biggest concern would be users exposing too much of their personal information here.


Although it's obviously the user's own choice whether to add their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles on there (and xat isn't responsible for the actions of malicious users), a better philosophy might be to say "Don't give your personal information to other users" rather than inviting it by adding official icons.


I do think this would be a good place for users to link their xat forum accounts though, if there's a way to officially link it. It would help spread awareness of the forum for users who don't know about it.

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great idea, even because the internet and social networks have created an infinite space for the free circulation of ideas and opinions, but as you recalled, the risk of self-exposure is very high, giving subsidy to hackers, with a false profile waiting for great information worth with the purpose of using them for illicit purposes.

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