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Trivia question’s on xat5 (xat_test)

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Hello xaterian’s, we all know that xat have many powers/ smilies, and it will become added more and more. We doing this trivia question’s about xat powers so that we cannot forget how cutes the xat powers are! 


We waiting you on July 31, thanks!

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Posted (edited)




Trivia question's on Xat5 !!



                                             50 question's about powers, winners of 200 xats each

                                                                                       win 2 skip 1

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Posted (edited)
42 minutes ago, SapphireOfficial said:

And what need to do for participating? 

My opinion review all the powers/wiki, and the host will ask a questions about xat powers

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Posted (edited)
On 7/12/2021 at 5:42 PM, SapphireOfficial said:

I understand that but need to post reg? Or need to be on xat5? or other chat?

Held in xat5 (xat_test) chat

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Posted (edited)

Missing 2 hours, we waiting you for the contest questions on Xat5.


1 host Marwa, 2 host Dimple, 3 host DjCrazy, 4 host Alex: 50 questions winner of 200 xats each / win 2 skip 1.

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Posted (edited)

Congratulations to all participants.
It was another great and fantastic competition. It would not be possible without you, thanks to all who took part, we enjoyed it very much, I hope you did too.

Unfortunately there were some lags in Chat,
This means  that we cannot  take all the screenshots.


Miral Host








Alex host




Djcrazy & Dimple
















Crazy boy






























We are very sorry about that unfortunately we cant' change it (wailing) but  everyone has received their prize.(blowkiss)(blowkiss)(blowkiss)



I would like to thank @Dimple for her generous donation and thank you so much sister for your support, we love you!
I would also like to thank @Maverick and @Paul (again) for making the competition possible, and special thanks to the hosts @ALEX and @Marwa for their great work.

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Posted (edited)

50 questions devided into 4 Host, thank you Mam @Marwa, bro @ALEX, and sis @DjCrazy for your efforts. And thank you to all participants. Thank you xat5 (xat_test) chat. 

First host @Miral- 10 questions;

1-How much powers contain  allpowers ?

 •AllPowers currently contains 192 powers,

2-What is the cheaper power ?


3-What is the powers you need for (skiss) smile ?


4-This smilie (gum) is from any power ?

•From Candy

5-How to combine your smilies from many powers  in one smilie ?


(correction the correct answer is “Hands” power not “with hands”)

6-how much power is from the   COLLECTION of super love ?

 •11 powers

7-How many stickers power is released ?


8-How is the power keeping you  not receiving a few amount of  xats and days ?


9-What is the powers you need fora special  xavi ?

•Clear, Diva, Glasses, Meow and Wigs

10-What is the powers who let no one marry you or bff ?




2nd host @Dimple- 7 questions; 

 1)•This power allows you to add animated text effects to your status?

Answer: Statusfx

2)•What are the 2 power required for Nameflag to function? 

Answer: Namecolor and Nameglow

3)•What epic power allows you to give a user a red card?

Answer: Redcard

4)•What is required for Gback to function?

Answer: Gscol

5)•What is xat's first epic power.

Answer: Purple

6)•What is a group power that allows you to set different scroll messages for specific ranks?
Answer: Rankscroll

7)•What is the power allows you to start and control the game. The power is not required to play.

Each game has its own master, which is the person who starts the game, and can have up to four players in total.

Answer: Switch


3rd host @DjCrazy- 16 questions;

1- Which power does it (kaoearsheart) smilie belong to?

 Answer: Lovemix2

2- What is the ID-number of the power name Opacity?

 Answer: ID-number 510

3- How many figures does the Powername train consist of?

 Answer: 12 figures

4- To which power does the smilies gopeel belong?

 Answer: Gorilla

5- How many powers does the pawn collection supperkao consist of?

 Answer: 19 powers

6- How much xats did it (amore) cost in store.

 Answer: 230xats

7- For anime collection how many powers do we need for the collection?

  Answer: 9 powers

8- What is the ID-number of the power name Ugly?

  Answer: Power id: 107

9- Which power did we get for Valentine's Day this year?

  Answer: Power name (forever)

10- Which forces do we need for the Hobby Collection, please count them individually?

  Answer: 5 powers and that are: Fashion, Mime, Tshirt,Swimming,  Acting 

11- How many Epic powers in total do we have?

  Answer: 12 Epic powers total

12- Power ID: 324 was this a limited or an unlimited power?
  Answer:Limited Power

13- Which power does it (trflamingo) smilie belong to?

  Answer: Tropical

14- This smilie (loveblubunni) to which power does it belong?

  Answer: Lovemix

15- With what power does the owner give members hourly modèrator?
  Answer: tempmod

16- How much does (gback) cost in store?
  Answer: 15000xats



4rth host @Alex - 17 questions;

1 - At what price was BIG released?

•5000 xats

2 - How many pawns is superhobby?

•9 pawns

3 - how much does the power Main in store cost?

•200 xats

4 - How much does the stickers Magnus in store cost?

•202 xats

5 - which power is the smiley (lilove) part of?


6 - Which power allows you to mix and match other xat smiley faces to create your own?


7 - I'm limited and i turn your yellow smilies into devils, what power am I?


8 - what is the second power of halloween theme?


9 - which power is the smiley (chicken) part of?


10 - which power is the smiley part of (vtongue) ?


11 - which power is the smiley part of (sustoilet)?


12 - which id is the power sticker ALI?


13 - how many pawns is superheart?

•17 pawns

14 - which supercollection is the smiley (SNORKEL) part of?


15 - this power add a g-language messages!! which power i'm?!?!


16 - i'm a power very cold, which i'm?


17 - this power Ban/mute a user with no message displayed!! Which power i'm?!


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